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Case Study | GS Insurance saw leads pouring in at significantly lesser CPA

Over 6x Conversion Rate

GS Insurance, a Canada-based insurance company, was looking to scale its paid search campaigns and boost its online discoverability. Before working with us, there were many micro-conversions leading up to a sale which were not being tracked or acted upon. With custom landing pages drilled down to the keyword level, conversion rates went up to 6 times in a period of two months.

Account Data : GS Insurance

Here is a screenshot from our recent campaigns. As the results speak for themselves, It’s quite noticeable that not only the conversion rate went up to 5.11%, making a jump of 674% but also the cost per conversion came down significantly to $15.69 which is a decent number compared to the industry standards.

How We Did It?

Keyword-Specific Ad Testing

The keywords can be categorized in a number of ways. It depends upon the fact that how you approach your marketing campaign. Let’s say, you can separate them as per whether they are branded or non-branded, affinity or interest-based, according to the audience age and gender you are targetting, language, location, and so on. Once you have enough data you can easily figure out a set of keywords that are working.

After performing an account audit for GS Insurance we had enough data to launch SKAG campaigns which boost the CTR. It’s always easier to manage the SKAG campaigns as they are super specifically targeted for single keywords and it led to a better performance in our case.

Negative Keywords/Negative Audiences

No matter what type of campaign you are running, it’s always important to monitor the keywords and search terms that you don’t want your ads to show on. We grouped all the keywords and search terms that we don’t want our ads to show on and put them in a negative keyword list at the ad group level. It helped in controlling the budget and ultimately led to improved performance.

Multivariate Testing (MVT) | Funnel Building

Let’s say you are doing everything right with your marketing campaigns and getting a good CTR also but if you are not analyzing the audience behavior on the landing page of your website, you won’t have a clear idea of what the end user is looking for. You’ll have a hard time figuring out which keywords are performing or how should you optimize the campaign or the landing pages.

We implemented multivariate testing and analyzed results for various landing pages. Once we had a landing page that outperformed the others, we build a conversion funnel to optimize the campaign for conversion.

Remarketing Campaigns

As of now by this stage, we are tracking the funnel and we will soon be targeting the non-converted audience through remarketing campaigns as and when we have enough audience in that list. This campaign is expected to have higher conversion rates as it is a hot targetted set of audience.

Marketing Automation

Since we had a high ticket service to offer, the follow-ups became extremely important to close the customer. With the marketing campaign in place and leads coming in regularly, it becomes very difficult to follow up with every single lead that too multiple times. That’s where the automation comes in.

We build the automated message and email sequence for GS Insurance to write until the point of setting up an appointment so they didn’t have to worry about each and every follow-up. Each time the appointment or the call was scheduled, they had to update the status of the deal. If the deal wasn’t closed, we initiated the next set of automated follow-ups and email sequences.

Putting a System in Place

We are all about helping you scale your business, not just generating leads. If you gradually want to scale your business, you need a system in place that works for you with predictability. We have an integrated system in place, and we customize it according to each business we work with so you can use it under your brand name.

That’s exactly what we did in the case of GS Insurance. Now they are able to manage all their social media presence from one place and they have a better idea of where the leads are coming from. They can now monitor automated lead follow-ups, sales pipelines, company performance, and more. Their overall business productivity has improved as they have a better sense of clarity in their business.

Let’s Hear From The Owner

“Being an Insurance broker, it’s really tough to have leads coming in consistently in numbers and I wasn’t expecting much TBH. But working with Scalebux has changed my approach towards business. Not only the marketing campaigns are working great but we now have a system in place that has tremendously reduced our workload.”

Owner | GS Insurance

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